The Picnic Box


Indulge in award-winning Bries, creamy blues, and a touch of luxury with this selection.

Cheeses: Baron Bigod (min. 200g), Truffle Baron Bigod (min. 150g), Shropshire Blue (min. 200g), Old Roan Wensleydale (min. 150g), St Helena (min. 200g).

Accompaniments: Peters Yard Crackers (1 box), Rosebud Chutney (1 jar).

(Weights approx.)

Cheese 1
Baron Bigod Minimum 200g*
A fantastic example of a Brie, winner of supreme champion at the British cheese awards.
Cheese 2
Shropshire Blue minimum 200g*
It’s bright orange colour with generous bluing underlines it’s creamy and complex flavour.
Cheese 3
Old Roan Wensleydale minimum 150g*
Unlike any other Wensleydale, 6 months matured in cloth and butter. A yoghurt and sour cream delight.
Cheese 4
Truffle Baron Bigod Minimum 150g*
Making their own mascapone they imbue it with black truffle to create a truly decadent experience when combined with their world famous Brie!
Cheese 5
St Helena Minimum 200g*
A beautifully cider washed cheese, with English meadows and a delightful firm texture.
1x box of Peters Yard crackers
1x jar of Rosebud Chutney
*weights are approximate.
Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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