Hebridian Blue


This competes to be the most blue, blue cheese, with its magnificent blueing making it infamous, Matured to perfection, this cheese embodies the rugged spirit of the Highlands. Expect a full-bodied punch of salt, a depth of tang, and a lingering peppery warmth that explodes with every bite. The creamy texture complements the robust flavors, making Hebridean Blue a true Scottish icon. If you’re a blue cheese lover, this is a must-try masterpiece.

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Predominantly Holstein Friesians

Holstein Friesians are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany.



Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is milk that has not been pasteurised, a process of heating liquid foods to kill pathogens for safe consumption and extending the shelf life.

The Reade Family 

The Reade family’s dream of creating a sustainable, ever-evolving farm lives on. A new generation of grandchildren is already carrying the torch at Sgriob-ruadh, upholding the family’s rich farming legacy. Jeff Reade’s vision of a life intricately woven with the future is a reality, one that we at The Cheesemonger celebrate and savor with every slice of their exceptional cheese.

Cows’ Milk, Salt, Animal Rennet, Starter culture.


Energy 1510kj/365kcal
F 30.94g
of which saturates 22.27g
Carbohydrate 2.13g
of which sugars <0.5g
Protein 20.5g
Salt 1.7g



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